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About Us

For four generations, the Probst family farm has produced exceptional jam preserves, pancake syrup, and home made salsa dip. We use old fashioned recipes which have been passed down generation to generation and live by a time honored tradition that true quality comes on an individual basis.  Probst Farms whole fruit preserves are not your average jam or jelly.  Our own fruit production ensures the freshness and natural goodness of our high quality line of natural fruit products.  Jam, jellies, or preserves...the choice is yours!

Probst Farms also produces Nature’s Hollow sugar free jam, sugar free syrup, sugar free low carb tomato homemade ketchup, and a sugar free honey product. We use a great tasting and good for you sweetener called Xylitol. This natural sweetener has no after taste like artificial sweeteners. Our sugar free fruit preserves are all low in carbs and perfect for the diabetic and weight conscious individual.

Probst Farms is located in the pristine Heber Valley of Utah.  The purity of the air, land and water contribute to our strict quality assurance.  Family owned and operated, our products are handmade and packaged weekly to ensure your complete satisfaction.  From our family to yours, we are confident that you will be pleased from one taste to the next.  That is our guarantee!

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